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The FanDuel Ohio platform is already one of the most popular bookies in the state. That’s to be expected, though. This brand took off like a bottle rocket in 2009 when it first opened for business. Today, they are one of the most reputable, trusted, and exciting sportsbooks in the business. Read our review and its features like Fanduel Ohio’s promo code, bonuses, mobile app experience and much more.

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FanDuel Ohio promo and bonus

Let’s kick things off by running through the different FanDuel Ohio sign up bonuses and other promo offers you’ll have two picks and choose from in this sportsbook. Every sports bettor under the sun looks for a bookie that offers fantastic bonuses, deals, and promo offers.

There’s nothing better than being able to put a wager down on your favorite Ohio team (whether that’s the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Browns, or Ohio State) – except for putting “free money” you got from your bookie down to cover the wager instead of your own hard-earned cash!

The operator does bonuses and promos offers better than many other bookies in the business, too. Here are just a few of the options you’ll have to look forward to!

FanDuel Ohio sign up bonus

The initial “welcome bet” that every new FanDuel Ohio account holder gets an opportunity to leverage is the free bet, good for up to $1000. Here’s how this works:

Basically, all you have to do is sign up for a FanDuel sportsbook Ohio account, fund your account (with any amount of money you’d like), and then place your first bet on the platform.

This can be (almost) any kind of wager you’d like. Moneyline bets on the Cavaliers. Point spread bets on the Columbus Blue Jackets. Parlays with both the Browns and Bangles getting in on the action.

Your bet (up to $1000) is basically guaranteed to either hit as a winning wager – with you cashing in the way you would have normally – or you get all of the money that you wagered (up to $1000) refunded back to you. You literally can’t lose with this FanDuel bonus in action!

FanDuel Ohio Promo Code: TBD
Welcome Bonus: 100% Deposit Match Bonus
Weekly Bonus: Bet And Get Parlay
Special Bonus: No Sweat Same Game Parlay

FanDuel Ohio promo code


The free bet offer isn’t the only FanDuel sportsbook Ohio sign up bonus that you’ll be able to take advantage of, either. FanDuel runs regular promotions on a routine basis, often times swapping them out weekly for new deals, new bonuses, and new promotions.

The platform always runs seasonal bonuses and promos, too. When the MLB season kicks off, for example, most of the promos have to do with baseball. Likewise, when the NFL playoffs are starting, promos that deal with the NFL are what you can expect.

There are even some daily deals – including odds boosters, free-to-play contests, and other FanDuel bonus options – that you can jump on sporadically. You’ll want to open your FanDuel betting app every now and again to see what’s active.

FanDuel Ohio deposit bonus

FanDuel does let things down a little bit in one specific area when it comes to bonuses: There is no deposit match bonus.

This is kind of “industry-standard” across the board, so a lot of new players may be expecting to find this type of FanDuel sign-up bonus available when they make their first deposit. Just know that it isn’t currently available. But, maybe it will be in the future.

FanDuel Ohio review


If you’ve been thinking about doing a bit of sports betting in Ohio, there’s no better place to start than FanDuel. In this detailed FanDuel review, we will go through all the “ins and outs” of what makes this platform so special.

We are going to shine a light on things like:

  • How the FanDuel bonuses are structured
  • How well-designed the mobile app is
  • The different kinds of betting markets you’ll have access to
  • The different wager options available
  • Banking solutions for getting money into and out of the FanDuel Ohio sportsbook

By the time you wrap up with our detailed FanDuel OH review you’ll know (almost) everything there is to know about this, of many Ohio sportsbooks. The odds are also pretty good that you’ll have created a betting app account by the time you’re done, too!

FanDuel Sportsbook Ohio app


As far as the mobile experience is concerned, it’s hard to imagine anybody in the sportsbook world doing a better job than these guys.

For starters, the mobile app is available 100% free of charge on both the iOS and Android platforms. It works well on phones and tablets, providing the same desktop/laptop experience in a compact mobile form factors

Secondly, the navigation and user interface of this app is next level, as one of its competitors at DraftKings Ohio.

Everything is going to feel really familiar right from the jump, helping you find all of the different betting options in Ohio you are after. It’s obvious that FanDuel spent a pile of money developing this app and fine-tuning it as they went along.

The digital betting slip on FanDuel OH

You’ll have all the information you need regarding your wagers at your fingertips. Everything is really well outlined, up-to-date, and customizable so that you can (at a glance) see exactly how you’re doing with all of your wagers.

Combine all of that with one of the best live betting experiences in the sportsbook industry and it’s not hard to see why so many people love the FanDuel sportsbook OH platform.

FanDuel Ohio features and benefits

FanDuel does a lot of things really, really well. But if there’s one thing that they do better than absolutely everyone else it has to be the live betting options they offer all of their players. Seriously. Nobody else in the industry does live betting as well as FanDuel does.

This has been a massive point of emphasis from the folks at this company right from day one all the way back in 2009. They wanted to be sure that players were able to bet on games even while the action was going on, and recently they’ve made a huge investment in streaming capabilities, too.

Not only are you going to be able to live bet on all of your favorite games here in Ohio, but you’re also going to be able to follow along with much of the action thanks to these new streaming solutions.

Combine that with the rock-solid odds that this platform offers, a great digital betting slip, and some of the best customer service in the business and it’s not hard to see why so many create FanDuel sportsbook Ohio accounts these days.

FanDuel Ohio betting markets

Ohio sports fans are going to have no trouble whatsoever putting money down on the hometown teams when they open up there FanDuel OH betting app.

The NFL, the NBA, the MLB, and the NHL are well represented on the FanDuel sportsbook. You can bet on the Browns and Bengals, the Cavaliers, the Indians and the Reds, and the Blue Jackets without any trouble.

Just like its competitor BetRivers Ohio, you’ll also be able to get into college basketball (men’s and women’s), college football, and golf as well.

They even make it easy to bet on motorsports (NASCAR and Formula One), MMA and boxing, soccer from around the world, and tennis. Of course, they are always adding new sports into the mix, too. You’ll never feel limited when you want to place a bet down on the FanDuel sportsbook Ohio platform.

Betting options from FanDuel OH

You won’t be limited by the kinds of bets that you can place on the FanDuel sportsbook Ohio platform, either.

Maybe you like to keep things relatively simple and straightforward with moneyline, point spread, and over/under style wagers. You’ll have lots of opportunities to do that on pretty much every one of the betting markets FanDuel hosts.

Maybe you like to do a little more complex betting, though, with parlays, futures, round-robin style tournaments, and more. These are the kinds of wagers that involve a little more risk on the FanDuel Ohio platform, but they have the potential to pay off in a big way, too.

Of course, you also have the option to get into a lot of live betting on FanDuel. Live betting lets you get your wagers in before and after the first whistle of the game (any game), and then lets you bet throughout the game as the action unfolds.

You’ll have chances to bet on all different kinds of wagers while the game is in play, right up until the last whistle when your bets are going to be “cemented” – and you either win or lose your wagers. Live betting is a lot of fun and a big draw for the FanDuel betting platform. You can also take advantage of Cincinnati Bengals promo codes here, You’ll want to check it out for sure!

FanDuel Ohio banking options


Now let’s run through the different banking options you’ll have available here at FanDuel.


On the deposit side of things, you’ll be able to get money into your FanDuel sportsbook account via:

  • All major credit and debit cards
  • PayPal and Skrill (as well as other online payment processors)
  • FanDuel Play+ Prepaid cards
  • Bank transfers (including ACH transfers and electronic checks)
  • PayNearMe services

Most of the deposit methods available from FanDuel Ohio offer instant deposits directly into your account. At the very most you may have to wait between 12 hours and 24 hours for the money you’ve deposited to show up in your account so that you can start betting with it.


On the withdrawal side of things, your options are (slightly) more limited compared to the deposit side of banking with FanDuel Ohio, but not by much.

Bank transfers (including ACH transfers and electronic checks) are always a popular way to get your winnings out of the FanDuel app. This is a fast, safe, and secure method that takes generally about a day or two to process completely.

PayPal is another popular way to get winnings out of your FanDuel sportsbook Ohio account. These transfers can take anywhere between an hour or two and a full day. They usually process pretty fast, though.

FanDuel Play+ prepaid cards are the fastest way to get your money out of your FanDuel account, though. You’ll be able to use your Play+ prepaid card to withdraw your money at any ATM, or you can use this card to transfer your money to a linked bank account, too. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

See more banking options in the state that the operators offer:

FanDuel OH customer service

FanDuel has a reputation in the sportsbook industry as offering some of the best customer services in the business.

You can reach customer service 24/7, every single day of the year just by dialing 646-930-0860. You can also jump on the FanDuel website and reach out to them through their contact form or email address.

The FanDuel betting app also has a “contact help” option that you can use. You’ll be able to call directly from your mobile device, use the live chat to get help in an instant or go through the customer service knowledge base to find an answer to your question. At the end of the day, you won’t ever be left hanging by the FanDuel Ohio customer service department.

FAQ FanDuel Ohio

Am I breaking the law betting with FanDuel Ohio?

Not even a little bit! Online sports betting is 100% legal in the state of Ohio, as long as you are doing it through licensed and accredited sportsbooks like FanDuel.

What’s the benefit of using FanDuel OH versus a local bookie?

FanDuel Ohio offers access to more betting markets, more reliable services, instant payouts, and a whole bunch of other benefits as an online sportsbook that can’t be found with local bookies.

Is the FanDuel sportsbook Ohio platform legitimate?

Absolutely! FanDuel has not only been around since 2009 and built a reputation as one of the most trustworthy US sportsbooks, it’s also recently partnered with a lot of the major sports leagues in the country, too. The NFL, the MLB, the NBA, and the NHL all have partnerships with FanDuel now,

What if I want to bet on teams that aren’t local to Ohio?

There’s no problem here! You can bet on hometown teams in Ohio or teams clear across the country – or sports clear across the world – with this amazing online sportsbook. You’re not going to be restricted at all.

What if I already have an account on another sportsbook in Ohio?

No problem there, either. You can have multiple sportsbooks accounts in the state of Ohio without any trouble at all. So check out FanDuel even if it’s just for the awesome signup bonus!

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