Ohio football betting

Fans of football can get an opportunity to bet on their favorite game. Placing a bet on a game can really drive your adrenaline levels through the roof. First, however, you need all the advice and information that you can get if you want to bet on football in Ohio.

What should you know about the football betting Ohio scene?


Once you are ready to immerse in the football betting Ohio world, you will want to know where you can place your bet within the state. You would also like to find out which bet types can give you the best opportunities to place your wager. If you want to know more details about betting on your football picks in Ohio, the following guide can help you.

For a long time, sports betting remained illegal in the United States. However, many states have been legalizing the practice in recent times, including Ohio. As the legislations continue to develop, it is important to know that football betting Ohio activities are now already legal.

In addition, football Ohio sportsbooks providers are now in the process of preparing for launching. Given this, you should have no fear of breaking the law when exploring your football odds in Ohio games. Just delve into the action with confidence.

Placing your football bets in Ohio

While you wait for the football sportsbook Ohio applications to become accessible, you may learn more about your football odds in Ohio by reading the material below. The facts below may assist you in making football betting selections in Ohio. You can also use the details below to assist you in narrowing down your possibilities when wagering on football sportsbooks in Ohio.

Best Ohio football betting sites in 2023

Betfred Ohio football betting Betfred Sportsbook Get up to $1,111 in Fred Bets Bet now Betfred Ohio review
DraftKings Ohio football betting DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5 - Win $150
  • Same game parlay boosts
  • Multiple in-game bonuses
Bet now DraftKings Ohio review
Caesars Sportsbook Ohio football betting Caesars Sportsbook Up to $1,250 bonus Bet now Caesars Ohio promo
SuperBook Ohio football betting SuperBook Sportsbook Get up to a $250 bonus Bet now SuperBook Ohio promo
bet365 Ohio football betting bet365 Sportsbook Bet $1 Get $365 in bonus Bet now bet365 Ohio review
Betway Ohio football betting Betway Sportsbook First Bet Reset $250 Bonus Bets Bet Now
BetRivers Ohio football betting BetRivers Sportsbook Get up to $500 in bonus
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
Bet now BetRivers OH bonus code
BetMGM Ohio football betting BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
  • Free live streams
  • Early Cashout feature
Bet now BetMGM Ohio review
PointsBet Ohio football betting PointsBet Sportsbook Five Second Chance Bets Up To $100 Each Bet now PointsBet OH Bonuses
FanDuel Ohio football betting FanDuel Sportsbook Bet $5 get $200 in bonus bets Bet now FanDuel Ohio review

Best Ohio football betting sites


Before you can start betting, you must first choose an Ohio football betting site that meets your needs. Moreover, you should see over 25 football sportsbooks Ohio companies open their shops in the near future.

However, the final number will be determined by the operators’ capability of these football betting Ohio sites to follow the policies. Some of the football sportsbooks Ohio providers listed below aim to launch, featuring a how-to bet guide for the NFL in Ohio.

  • BetMGM Ohio: They will undoubtedly follow in the footsteps of MGM’s already well-established leisure business in Ohio. Given this, you should expect the brand to launch its football betting operation soon.
  • Caesars Sportsbook Ohio: Acquired Eldorado Resorts and William Hill. Given this, you can expect Caesars to join the football betting market in Ohio through Eldorado Resorts Gaming located in Scioto Downs.
  • DraftKings Ohio: A daily fantasy sports firm with a significant presence in Ohio. In states where sports betting is already legal, the operator is generally the first to provide betting platforms.
  • JACK Entertainment: JACK Entertainment already owns and runs several locations around the state of Ohio. Working with Kambi will let the firm benefit from his knowledge of the football sports betting Ohio market.
  • FanDuel Ohio: In Ohio, they are a well-known daily fantasy sports provider. This company has a history of establishing a significant footprint as a betting platform provider in jurisdictions that legalize sports betting.
  • Hard Rock: The Hard Rock Sportsbook is a sports betting division of the Hard Rock Leisure conglomerate. The company already operates a casino in Cincinnati. When sports betting on Ohio sites commences, this firm will be there in the middle of the action.
  • Barstool Sportsbook Ohio: The edgy and eye-catching appeal of Barstool Sportsbook is well-known. A prominent American operator, Penn National Gaming, promotes this sportsbook as a sports betting affiliate. The company also runs the Hollywood Casino corporation. In Ohio, Hollywood Casino, which has four locations, is slated to launch its own sports betting platform. Check out their great sign-up bonus for new members offer as well.

You can also take advantage of exclusive Cincinnati Bengals Promo Codes here.

How to bet on football in Ohio


You can limit your selections to the ones that will provide you the most value for your money once you’ve prepared a list of reputable and licensed Ohio football betting sites. Nonetheless, you can start by examining their customers’ discounts and incentives.

Incentive offerings of Ohio football sportsbooks

When football sportsbook Ohio providers offer their betting apps, you can research several features to determine the best sportsbook for you.

Promotions, football odds in Ohio, different types of bets, and other important aspects of the offer are some of the features you should consider when considering the best types of bets.

Furthermore, some Ohio football betting sites may offer additional benefits over platforms that offer regular services. Examples of extra rewards provided include extra bets, bet credits, bet credit insurance, deposit matches, deposit matching, no-deposit offers, rebates, reloads, freebies, odd boosts, and other incentives. The following provides the mechanics of how to avail of these incentives:

  • Offers for signing up: Most football betting Ohio sites provide a free wager to newcomers. You will be eligible for this reward once you have reached a certain amount. Moreover, the bookmaker will match your first deposit.
  • Risk-free perks: There isn’t such a thing as a risk-free wager. Certain football betting Ohio sites, on the other hand, may provide you a one-time chance to deposit enormous quantities of money with no danger of losing them. However, the amount of money you can gamble on Ohio football betting sites may be limited. On the other hand, the highest limit could be any amount between $500 and $1,000.
  • Deposit match perks: You’ll be given this reward when you’ve financed your bankrolls. The deposit match usually matches the amount you put into your bankroll up to a particular amount.
  • Reloading rewards: These rewards are comparable to deposit offers. If you refresh your bankroll, you may be entitled to a similar deposit amount or bet credits. On the other side, operators frequently grant these bonuses after exhausting your money.
  • No-deposits: Offers that do not require a deposit are genuine rewards. This one is entirely free and functions similarly to a single low-stake bet credit. On the other hand, no-deposit incentives are often limited to $25 to $50 in value.
  • Rebated benefits: Most betting programs typically compensate their customers who have lost a considerable amount of money. This is also a way of saying thank you for your business and a way to bring you back to the betting table.
  • Odds boosts are a staple at football sportsbooks as well.

Become a registered member of a football betting Ohio platform

After you’ve picked on your best online football betting Ohio provider, you may now register on their site. Also, ensure that you have a stable internet connection and a geolocation-enabled device for your betting activity. The football sportsbooks Ohio site will verify that you are a resident of Ohio before granting you access.

Regardless of the Ohio football betting site you use, the registration procedure should almost be the same. These betting platforms will normally request basic information such as your name, email, address, birthday, and social security number.

Ohio’s online betting providers require this information to validate your identity. To avoid getting in trouble with the law, ensure that you are over the age of 21 before making a wager.

Bankrolling your football betting account

Several football betting platforms in Ohio accept a variety of payment options. You must first fund your account with the sportsbook platform of your choice before you can gamble on football Ohio sites. Look for the payment or deposit link or button on the site to swiftly and conveniently replenish your betting account.

Furthermore, these online football betting Ohio organizations allow cheques, debit cards, wire transfers, credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, online banking transfer, Play+, and other payment options.

Remember that after you’ve funded your account with an Ohio football betting site, you’ll be eligible for a range of offers. Nevertheless, you’ll have to spend $5 to $10 to access these platforms in most circumstances. However, once your account has been approved, and your funds have been verified, you may take advantage of the incentives offered by these football betting Ohio sites.

Getting into the Ohio football betting action

All Ohio football bookmakers, on the whole, use the identical bet-placing approach. You may make your pick, which will appear on your bet slip, once you’ve selected on a wager on football betting sites.

After that, you may decide how much money you wish to put on the bet. Then, on your bet slip, you will see a payout or profit equal to the amount of your stake.

When it comes to making bets, the football Ohio sports betting websites provide a wide range of possibilities. You can put a single or many wagers to increase your chances of winning. Besides, you might want to consider these options before deciding on the specifics of your wager.

Ohio football odds


You may discover a range of various wager or odds types on football sportsbooks Ohio sites. In comparison, a market is a game of chance, and you can place bets in several ways.  One market is, for example, your wager on the Cincinnati Reds Moneyline involving a game against the Cubs.

A Moneyline bet on the Cubs could be considered a secondary market. A spread bet on the Bengals in a league game against rival teams is a third type of market.

Furthermore, big football sporting events are recognized for offering a diverse array of marketing opportunities. Nevertheless, Prop bets on significant events like the number of rushing yards or touchdowns in a game are common.

Popular Types of Football odds in Ohio

You may mix and combine the various bet types accessible on football Ohio platforms to place bets. Nonetheless, below is a rundown of the many types of odds:

  • Teaser: A teaser wager is a sort of wager widely employed in football betting. Multi-team bets allow the bettor to select as few as two teams and as many as fifteen in some situations. The bettor will get back less money than they placed.
  • Proposition bets: A prop bet is a type of bet based on whether an event that has no bearing on the game’s outcome will occur during a particular football game. “Spot-fixing” refers to manipulating a game to produce a specific outcome in a proposition bet.
  • Moneyline: Moneyline bets are the most basic bets in sports wagers. In essence, this involves just betting on which team will win a game. If you wager on a Moneyline, you’re basically declaring that you believe your side will win the game. Regardless of the score, you will still win if they do.
  • Parlay wager (including same-game parlays): A parlay is a single wager that connects two or more individual bets. It relies on all of those bets winning together. For every “push” (tie or tie), the parlay returns to an even smaller number of teams, and the odds of winning decrease proportionately.
  • Futures: A futures bet is betting on an event, series, or reward that will be completed at some point shortly. If you gamble on a future event or season, you are betting on something that will occur later than when you placed your bet.
  • Distributed Points: This is a sports betting type where a team must win by a certain number of points or goals. Transitively, they must not lose by a certain number of points or goals.
  • Live/in-game: In-game betting, often known as live betting, is very similar to the type of wagering done before a game starts.

Over/Under: This type of bet is one in which the sportsbook predicts an accurate number for a statistic in a specific game, and bettors wager that the actual number is either higher or lower than that predicted value. Take a look at some other sports markets in the state to bet on:

FAQ Ohio football betting


What are the benefits of placing a football wager online in Ohio?

Receiving monetary incentives for winning wagers based on your natural understanding of the teams you support is one of the benefits of betting on football online in Ohio. In addition, if you bet on football through online channels, you may use your mobile device to place bets anywhere and at any time in Ohio.

Who are eligible to participate in Ohio football betting sites?

You can establish an account and participate on online football betting Ohio sites if you are 21 years old or older. However, you must be physically present in Ohio to be able to place bets on Ohio football betting sites. This is to avoid getting into difficulty with Ohio’s geo-restricted football betting sites.

What tournaments do Ohio football betting sites offer?

On football betting Ohio sites, bettors may put their wager on aspects of several Ohio football events in the industry.

What other football betting sites do you know of in Ohio that provides football betting?

Other betting businesses that may provide online football betting Ohio sites include PointsBet, TwinSpires, Unibet, Golden Nugget, FOX Bet, BetRivers, and WynnBet.

Are there any restrictions on the kind of bets that Ohio-based online football betting companies may make?

Once football sportsbooks Ohio providers can launch their business in the state, you should not encounter any restrictions when placing your bet on football Ohio sites.