PointsBet Sportsbook Ohio sign-up bonus

PointsBet PointsBet Sportsbook Ohio sign-up bonus PointsBet Sportsbook Five Second Chance Bets Up To $100 Each Bet now PointsBet OH Bonuses

The PointsBet Ohio promo code offers people a more exciting way to place wagers with bonuses. In addition, there are unique betting styles that are exclusive to the PointsBet sportsbook Ohio. With so many different ways to gamble on sports, it’s easy to see why everyone is taking an interest in this online betting site. Keep reading for a full review and a special PointsBet OH Sportsbook promo code.

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PointsBet Ohio sign-up bonus code in 2023

Click and activate the PointsBet promo code for new users and collect your sign-up bonus now!

PointsBet PointsBet Sportsbook Ohio sign-up bonus PointsBet Sportsbook Five Second Chance Bets Up To $100 Each Bet now PointsBet OH Bonuses

PointsBet Ohio sportsbook promo code launch offer

PointsBet Ohio Promo Code September 2023: TBD
PointsBet OH Sign Up Promo Code: $500 Risk-Free Bet
Weekly Bonus: Weekly NFL Bonus
Special BonusPointsbetting Enhanced Odds Boost

Let’s talk about that exclusive PointsBet Ohio promo code sign-up bonus that’s available only for new members. If you’re looking for a new betting site to join in Ohio, this may tempt you to choose PointsBet. All new members will qualify for two bet credit insurance on their first two bets made with a PointsBet Ohio promo code. This Ohio sportsbook sign-up bonus offer is very liked by the new bettors who find their way here.

This offer is valued at $2000. How it works is your first bet will be risk-free of up to $500. If you lose that bet, you will earn your stake back. If you wager over $500, you will only receive $500 if you lose. Your second bet will be worth a lot more. You can place another bet credit insurance, but this one will be for up to $1500.

PointsBet Ohio bonus code

⭐ PointsBet Promo Code Ohio For?New Bettors
Type of PointsBet Bonus Code OfferBet Credit Bonus Code
Available at Launch?Yes
Loyalty Promo Program?Yes

Once you join PointsBet Ohio, you should check out the promotions section. There are many great offers to choose from. All of the offers you find in this section will only be available for a period of time. They need to be used by a certain date, or else they will expire. Always review the terms and conditions of each promotion to learn more.

PointsBet Ohio sportsbook bonus

There are many different betting promo codes that you can use at PointsBet. Here is a rundown of PointsBet Ohio sportsbook bonus options:

  • Risk-free Sunday Night Football bet
  • NBA- Bet $50, automatically receive $20
  • Odds boosts
  • Parlay boosters
  • Same-day parlay insurance
  • Grand sign-up bonus

Review of PointsBet Ohio


PointsBet sportsbook in Ohio has made a good name for itself among bettors in Ohio. However, if you like to gamble on sports and are looking for more ways to see bigger payouts, then you may be interested in this unique sports betting site. Points Betting is an exclusive wagering style only available to PointsBet sportsbook members.

Throughout this review, we’ll give you all the details about Points Betting. We will also discuss the betting market, one-of-a-kind promotions, and how you can bet on your favorite sports. But that’s not all, we are also going to review the betting app and customer support section so you know what you’re getting into with PointsBet Ohio.

Exclusive to PointsBet Ohio – Points Betting


Points Betting is one of the main reasons people choose PointsBet over other sportsbooks in Ohio. This is a more advanced wagering style that could result in a possible payout that’s 20 times what you’ve wagered. This means you could win $200 on a $10 bet.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that even though you have the chance to win more, you could also lose more. With most sports bets, you can only lose what you wager. While that’s safer, the possible payouts typically aren’t as high. With Points Betting, getting your bet right could multiply your stake by quite a high amount.

You can also take advantage of exclusive Cincinnati Bengals promo codes here. Enjoy!

How do Points Betting work at PointsBet Ohio?

There are many different betting lines available for Points Betting. It is typically placed on a point spread, over/ under, or player props bet. The amount you win or lose is all determined by points, and you will not know the results until the game is complete. For every point you get correct, you win 1X your stake. The same applies if you lose, you’ll lose 1X your stake.

The best way to explain this is with an example. Let’s say you place an over/ under wager on an NHL game where the Colombus Blue Jackets are playing against the New Jersey Devils. You wager that the final score will be over 30 points. The final outcome is 42 points.

For this bet, you placed a $10 stake. Since the total score was 12 points over what you suggested, you will get 12 times your stake. This means the possible payout would be $120.

However, if the final score ended up being 22, you would have lost the bet by 8 points. This means that you would have had to pay PointsBet $80.

How to prevent a big loss with Points Betting at PointsBet Ohio

For Points Betting, there is a minimum and a maximum market cap. This means you will not be able to win more than 250 times your stake and you’ll never lose more than 150 times the stake. However, knowing you could lose 150 times the amount you have wagered is frightening for many sports bettors.

Every time you place a bet through Points Betting, money in your wallet will be withheld to cover a possible loss. In addition, you will have the option for certain sports to place stop losses. This means that you can arrange the bet to stop counting losing points after a certain amount.

The only downfall to using stop losses is that it will reduce the amount that you could win.

Join PointsBet Sportsbook Ohio online


Signing up for an account only takes a few minutes. PointsBet sportsbook Ohio will need to verify that you are legal to gamble, so the website requires you to enter personal information. You will need to provide:

  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Email
  • Last four digits of your social security number

PointsBet is a legal Ohio online sports betting site with up-to-date software to ensure all information shared with the website remains safe. This ensures a secure online betting experience for all members in Ohio.

When you create an account with PointsBet Ohio, you will need to create a custom username and password that you will use anytime you sign on to the site. You’ll also be required to choose two security questions and provide answers to them.

PointsBet Sportsbook Ohio banking options

Once you have completed the registration, you will be able to make a deposit into your PointsBet sportsbook. This is very easy to do. You can find the option to make a deposit in the wallet section under “My account”. Simply choose the banking options you would like to use, enter the amount you want to deposit, and you will be able to complete to process.

At PointsBet sportsbook Ohio, you can use any of the following options:

  • Online banking
  • PayPal
  • Paynearme
  • ACH e-check
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

All deposits will be processed automatically, so you will be able to place bets as soon as you have completed your purchase. However, when you request a withdrawal, it will need to process before it gets transferred to your account. You can use any of the following options to collect a withdrawal:

  • Online banking and ACH e-checks take 3 to 5 days to process.
  • PayPal is the fastest option, which takes up to 48 hours to process.

PointsBet sportsbook Ohio app


PointsBet sportsbook app Ohio has received an excellent rating from members of the sportsbook. The desktop to mobile app interface is nearly identical. There are just a few minor changes to make the PointsBet sportsbook Ohio efficient for a smaller mobile screen.

Overall, other apps in the state just as BetMGM Ohio or DraftKings Ohio, the PointsBet app is very user-friendly with an attractive layout that members enjoy using.

One of the most important features to look at for a betting app in Ohio is how quickly it loads. People don’t want the app to have trouble loading while they are trying to place a bet. This could result in them losing their chance to wager with high odds. The app is smooth and always accepts confirmed bets quickly.

PointsBet sportsbook Ohio customer support

PointsBet Ohio has a very helpful customer support team. When you need to reach out to a member of customer support, you can find a live chat and an email us option on the sidebar. If you click on the chat it will open up a live chat block where you can speak with a support member.

Clicking on the email, our option will redirect you to your email inbox. From here, you will be able to send an email to customer support and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you review the help section of the sportsbook, you will also find an assortment of different help-related articles. All articles are put into categories, to make it easier for members to find the support they need. In addition, you may find an answer to the question you have in this section.

PointsBet Ohio benefits and features

  • Unique wager styles exclusive to PointsBet sportsbook
  • Partnered with most major leagues to create the best sports betting experience
  • Wide assortment of sports and events to gamble on
  • Trustworthy betting site
  • Competitive odds

PointsBet sportsbook Ohio betting market

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll be more than pleased with the variety of sports to bet on. Since the brand is partnered with NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA, and many more critical names in the sports industry, players can expect to find a lot of options on the betting lines.

PointsBet sportsbook Ohio features betting lines for nearly every major league game and event. They also feature an assortment of professional fights, NCAA college sports, international games, and more. Players can find many options for small-scale sports as well. These are some of the games/ matches you can find on the betting lines:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Motorsports
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Cycling; more

More ways to bet at PointsBet Ohio

We mentioned the unique Points Betting style of wagering earlier on in this article. While that’s a great way to increase your possible payout, it could also result in a big loss. This may be a risk you aren’t willing to take, That’s okay, there are plenty of other options for betting with PointsBet that aren’t as risky.

With all of the following sports betting options available at PointsBet, if you don’t win the be you will only lose your stake:

  • Moneylines
  • Point spread
  • Over/ under (totals)
  • Futures
  • Player futures
  • Parlays
  • Props bets
  • Player props

All odds for bets at PointsBet sportsbook will be listed in American odds. You will notice teams and players listed with – and + numbers. The teams in each game will be listed as either the favorite or the underdog. Since the underdog is less likely to win, that team/ player will have + odds listed with a higher possible payout.

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FAQs PointsBet Ohio promos

Can a withdraw a PointsBet Ohio promo code bonus?

Only after your bet is made. You can not withdraw a PointsBet Ohio promo code bonus from the start.

Is the PointsBet Ohio bonus code available for everyone?

Yes, as long as you are eligible to bet, you can use a PointsBet Ohio bonus code.

Can I use the PointsBet OH mobile app anywhere?

The Pointsbet app can only be used when you are in Ohio. It has geolocation that’s always turned on to prevent people from wagering with the app while they are out of state. It is not legal to use an Ohio betting site in any other state or country.

What is the easiest bet at PointsBet sportsbook Ohio for beginners?

Anyone who is new to sports betting should try a simple and straightforward betting style. One of the best ones to try out first is the moneylines. This is when you bet on which team you think will win the game. Once you learn this betting style, it’s easier to figure out the other ones.

Is live betting available on PointsBet Ohio?

When you register for PointsBet, you’ll be able to enjoy betting while watching the game using the live betting feature. There will be many different bets available, including a variety of props bets. Live betting attracts the highest amount of bettors to the betting lines.

Is it riskier to place bets with PointsBet Ohio compared to other sportsbooks?

The only betting style at PointsBet OH that is riskier than other sportsbooks is the exclusive Points Betting wager. This is because you could lose more than your stake. When a bet offers a very high possible payout, it also comes with a more significant risk.

Are there fees for joining PointsBet sportsbook Ohio?

PointsBet Ohio is free to join, with no extra costs along the way to keep your membership. You will only pay for the bets you place. One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to use any promotions until you make a deposit.

How many times can I use a promo code?

You can only use a promo code one time per person.

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