Points Spread Betting in Ohio

One of the most famous bet types available at an Ohio sports betting website is probably point spread betting. Numerous sports, such as the NFL and NBA, allow for the utilization of point spread wagers. Therefore, all the information you require regarding sports spread betting in Ohio is available in this guide.

Best Points Spread betting sites in Ohio 2023

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Points spread explained


The best estimates of the betting market and the oddsmaker on the numerical distance between two rivals are represented by a point spread. The difference can occasionally be as tiny as 0.5 points. The underdog is then given a positive (+) number, and the favorite is given a negative (-) number.

In essence, this increases the difficulties for the betting favorite while giving the underdog a little advantage before the game. The game has changed. The question of “will the Tampa Cincinnati Bengals beat the Jacksonville Jaguars” is no longer relevant. Instead, the question is: “Will the Buccaneers defeat the Jaguars by -11.5 points, or will the Jaguars suffer an unexpected defeat or lose by less than +11.5 points”

Best betting sites in Ohio for point spread bets


If you’re looking for Ohio sports betting sites that offer the best spread points odds, you’ve come to the right place. Every website that allows legal betting was investigated, and each one was assessed based on how frequently and what kinds of odds upgrades it gives. As a result, you won’t have to waste your valuable time looking for point spread betting in Ohio.


Because of a deal with European gambling giant William Hill, Caesars, which was formerly known as a land-based casino company, has expanded into sports betting. Together, they developed a hybrid brick-and-mortar/online betting concept that many consider to be among the best in Ohio and beyond.

Almost any device with an internet connection can access the Caesars Sportsbook Ohio, including PCs, Macs, and mobile devices running iOS and Android. You can also access the sportsbook via a browser-based online sportsbook on your PC or Mac. It also consistently offers the greatest odds for point spreads. That is why it is pretty famous among sports bettors in Ohio.

The Caesars Sportsbook Ohio sign-up bonus is a very well liked offer that many players are enjoying but remember, it only works once.


Its main aim is to expand the online sports betting market in the USA. Thanks to its November 2021 launch and unique features that allow the app to sync with live games, it’s pretty much on its way to achieving this aim. Through its FuboTV platform, it also provides live coverage of significant sports. The two products work together to produce a unique live betting solution.

Furthermore, Fubo Sportsbook Ohio covers all important US and international sports with an average market depth for individual events. Pregame betting options are plentiful and popular at Fubo OH. The point spread wager is one example of this and is currently quite famous in Ohio.


American gamblers are familiar with the BetMGM brand. BetMGM has made a name for itself as one of the top legal online sportsbooks in the US. Since its inception here in September 2019, it is a trusted and safe source of legal sports betting.

Operators must find ways to set themselves apart as the online sports betting market in the OH becomes more competitive. BetMGM Ohio uses a variety of tactics to get a competitive edge, and the results show how effective these tactics are. Points spread is one such tactic. The amazing variety of alternative spreads available for NFL and NBA games allows you to wager on the exact line you want or make more intriguing choices on your parlay cards.


It began as a daily fantasy website before launching its online sportsbook in 2018. Since then, FanDuel has maintained its position as the most well-liked sportsbook. FanDuel Ohio has a stellar reputation for both its sportsbook and daily fantasy sports offerings.

It provides a selection of sports to bet on, big bonuses and odds boost, competitive odds, and a fantastic user experience on both the website and mobile app. However, it truly excels in the bet types section. This greatly expands the possibilities for betting and provides players with the opportunity to win real money, including point spread betting.


As a relatively new betting site, Betfred Sports began accepting US bets in September 2020. However, the main company of the sportsbook has a history going all the way back to 1967. Using its extensive experience and strong reputation, Betfred OH, one of the largest sportsbooks in Ohio is now introducing quality sports betting service to the Ohioan market.

Furthermore, Betfred Sportsbook Ohio offers both new and seasoned bettors a number of appealing features like points spread odds boost in an effort to keep its place as one of the most well-known sportsbooks in Ohio.

Point spread betting strategies


Now that we’ve covered everything fundamental, it’s time to discuss strategy. It will ultimately come down to your ability to recognize the value and identify winners, but there are some strategies you should bear in mind when you choose your bets.

Analyze and predict line movement

If you’ve been betting for a while, you are aware of the importance of obtaining an additional half point or even a full point on a wager. It literally has the power to determine a game’s outcome. Ask a seasoned Ohioan sports bettor or any employee in the sportsbook if a half point makes a difference if you haven’t been betting for very long. They will undoubtedly have hundreds of tales of wagers they lost by just a half-point.

This means that you must seek out every chance to acquire a point that is an additional half-point or more. You achieve this by foreseeing the movement of the betting lines and selecting whether to place a wager right away, wait for the line to move in your favor, or not place one at all. Keep in mind that you have a commitment to that line after you place a point spread wager.

Start tracking lines and keeping an eye on them the week before a specific game. See if you can identify any trends or causes for the line’s movement. The lines frequently change in response to news reports or popular opinion. Accidents, suspensions, and the environment will impact the movement of the lines. You can come across a fantastic betting chance if you notice a line shift for a cause you believe to be illegitimate.

The public and the sharps

In more well-known games, there are a few themes in line movement that seem to occur frequently. The favorite often gets a hammering by the public in the final days leading up to the game. Remember that “late in the week” refers to the days leading up to a game. This refers to the few days immediately before the game if it occurs earlier in the week.

This means that if you wish to wager against the favorite, you might want to postpone placing your bet until later in the week. The betting odds will change as late wagers pour in on the favorite in an effort to draw more action to the underdog.

You should be able to get the same bet at the same spread even if it stays the same. Or, you can just wait and wager on the subsequent game if it happens to go the opposite way for some weird reason. Unless you’re just an action addict betting for amusement, there is no scarcity of betting chances, thus there is no need to force bets.

If you observe significant line movement early in the week, it is most certainly the result of knowledgeable bettors who are placing huge wagers. Strategically speaking, this at least reveals which wager the smart money is placing. While occasionally you can still join them and receive some value, other times the value can have vanished by the time they move the line. Depending on where you believe the value of a wager begins and ends, you will need to make this decision for each individual wager.

Double down on good moves

After placing your wager, assume that you have a commitment to a specific point spread. But this doesn’t exclude you from placing a second wager if you believe the line will move more in your favor.

You don’t have to bet more if you weren’t initially highly sure in your prediction. Keeping your initial wager, you can end the game now. However, you will appreciate the extra half point even more if you like your place. The lesson here is that placing the second wager is optional; yet, it is available if you want to do so.

Before examining the lines, calculate your spread predictions

Making your own spreads before looking at any lines is one of the best point spread betting advice we’ve ever heard. Calculate what you believe the spread should be for the games on which you might be interested in placing a wager. After that, compare those spreads to what the sportsbook is offering. You should place a wager if you notice odds that are equal to or higher in your favor.

The issue that many bettors in Ohio experience is that they allow the lines that the sportsbooks offer to influence their judgment. This may force you to overlook important details and convince yourself not to believe what you see. By concealing the book lines before creating your own, you can avoid this. Additionally, if a line doesn’t appear favorable straight away, you’ll be able to determine how much it needs to shift in your favor for the wager to be profitable.

Outcomes on point spread betting in Ohio


It’s really easy to bet on the spread for a game as you just have to select the favorite or the underdog. On the spread, we have two options to bet on, but there are three possible results. So, let’s look at each in turn.


Everyone hopes for a victory. Let’s say you wager on the Cleveland Cavaliers to win by four points over the Jacksonville Jaguars, and they do. You have therefore won your wager. After the contest completes, most websites will pay out winners promptly, and money will be placed into your account right away.


It’s not the intended result for any sports bettor. You backed the Cavaliers at -3 against Jaguars, but this time Jacksonville outperforms Cleveland. So, you lose your wager because the Jaguars get retribution by sweeping the Cavaliers.


A push is the third possible result. This indicates that after adjusting for the spread, there is a tie between the two teams. For instance, the -2 favorite Cincinnati Bearcats defeat the Xavier Musketeers 74-72 in basketball. The spread was pushed because they won the game by two points. This wager has a full refund as its financial outcome. If the wager is a leg of a parlay, the withdrawn leg is removed, and the odds for the remaining bets in the parlay are the only ones that remain.

Against the spread (ATS)

The term “ATS” describes a team’s win, loss, and tie record against the spread. It is a typical statistic that seasoned bettors utilize in their analysis. For instance, if the Browns win 10 of their first 12 games this season while covering the spread, their ATS record would be 10 wins, 2 losses, and 0 ties, or 10-2-0 ATS. Regardless of the spread, a strong ATS record may influence betting preferences.

FAQ Ohio Points Spread Betting

Can you wager on sports using point spreads in Ohio?

Yes, you may bet on the point spread in Ohio at the majority of the reputable sportsbooks listed above.

Does daily fantasy sports also involve point spread betting?

Yes. In Ohio, DFS uses not just spread betting, but Moneyline betting, and totals as well.

Can I place a Parlay Bet using a Point Spread Bet?

Yes. In a parlay, you can combine point spread wagers with wagers from other categories. Therefore, parlay spread betting is a well-liked betting technique because it is chosen by many gamblers.

What sports in Ohio allow point spread wagering?

All of the major US sports, such as football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, as well as international sports, are all eligible for spread betting.

Can I make money in Ohio betting through point spreads?

Yes. A point spread wager may result in financial gain. However, be sure to play responsibly and be aware of Ohio betting rules.