Play it again sports: How to sell & buy equipment in Ohio

Play it again sports is the best place to buy and sell used sporting goods and exercise equipment.

Local families own and operate these stores. Their primary focus is on meeting the needs of the communities in areas such as Cuyahoga Falls, Canton, Cincinnati (2 locations), and Columbus. 

They save you money on new and used sporting goods. This includes fitness equipment that they purchase, sell, and trade. Play it again sports takes great satisfaction in providing amazing customer service on a daily basis. Moreover, you’ll be amazed at their wide selection of major sports brands.

Get paid for used sports clothes, shoes, and fitness gear

Whether you’re looking to buy high-quality used athletic and fitness equipment, or wish to trade in for other sports gear, Play it again sports have you covered. The kind of gear they’re looking for include soccer, football, golf, baseball, hockey, and fitness gear.

Your love of sports shared by Play it again sports

At Play It Again Sports, their areas of expertise include fitness and exercise, baseball, football, volleyball, and more. They know their stuff when it comes to fitting athletic gear properly. Also, their employees provide athletes with the best possible fit in the equipment they need for playing sports.

Sports service experts in Ohio

Play It Again Sports provides after-sale care for the items they sell, and they’re experts when it comes to fitting sporting goods. Their staff receives extensive training to ensure sports people from different walks of life have the proper gear for the sport they enjoy playing.

Cashing in on sporting goods

Many sportspeople find they can use Play It Again Sports for more than just buying and selling new sporting goods. What’s more, you can earn money to go toward the purchase of additional gear. 

Selling over here can be a great side hustle if you’re trying to save up for a specific purchase. What comes to mind are things like a new treadmill, bicycle maintenance, or new ski equipment. 

Why not get some new gear and get rid of the old stuff you don’t use anymore. Sporting goods like extra baseball bats or fly-fishing rods taking up space in your garage.

Sell, buy or trade at play it again sports

You might never grow too old to play the sports you love, but you might outgrow the gear you use. Play It Again Sports have various local retail options for sporting goods situated in Ohio. These stores make it easy to sell or trade quality used sports and fitness gear.

They have both new and used equipment and accessories for sale, including low-priced used options from well-known manufacturers.

Stop by today at any of these independently owned stores in Canton, Cuyahoga Falls, Columbus, and Cincinnati (2 locations) to observe their buying, selling, and trading processes in action.

Easy selling & buying sports gear procedure

Put It On The Table

You don’t need to book an appointment; just bring in the sports and exercise equipment that you’re not using. They’ll take it from there.

Play it again sports inspect your sporting goods

While they evaluate your products depending on the condition and the demand for them, you can look through the fantastic new and used gear they have in stock.

Receive immediate payment

They’ll make you an offer on the specific products they’re interested in purchasing, and if you accept, they’ll pay you immediately.

Play it again sports online ordering

All Play It Again Sports sites are franchises run by local entrepreneurs who trade in and sell used and brand-new sports equipment. Your online purchase helps a small business succeed, and it comes straight from the retailer you specified. Here’s what to expect when shopping online with them:


Occasionally, an item will be out of stock because it sold out on the same day it was released for sale in the stores, although this is extremely rare. In that case, you can expect a refund as soon as possible; they’ll be in touch with details.

Quality control

They thoroughly inspect all of your equipment to guarantee its safety and proper operation before sending it on its way to you. Furthermore, to top it all off, they’ll ensure the product is fully functional and arrives fully equipped.

Loading up

They take the safety and security of your product very seriously and want to ensure it gets to you in one piece. They’ll take the time they need to wrap your product securely, using suitable packaging, making sure it reaches you in its desired condition.

Track and trace

Depending on the package’s dimensions and final destination, your purchase will be shipped using either UPS, FedEx, or the United States Postal Service.

Play It Again Sports will update their shipping company’s records with the email address linked with your order. Also, while your merchandise makes its way to you, the delivery provider will inform you of its whereabouts through email.

When they initiate the shipping, they also make the tracking information available. Unfortunately, this does not mean that their shipper picked it up yet. They will immediately hand off your package to the carrier.


Many carriers pick up from different stores at various times throughout the day. Also, by the end of the day you receive the information from them as well as your relevant tracking information.

Remember that having the tracking number does not guarantee that your product has been scanned into their system. You won’t know until the driver picks up your delivery and scans it into their system. They know that tracking info online can be a time-consuming process.

Your item arrives in mint condition

Delivering your goods

There is a chance that you will receive many parcels from various retailers if you have made numerous purchases.

Online shoppers should also evaluate customer service. Moreover, your first store encounter will affect future interactions. You may want a product, service, or experience. In this regard, Play it again sports do not disappoint anyone.

We have learned that many retail shops have applied for an Ohio sports betting license; maybe Play it again sports applies for one in the future?


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