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Parlay betting in Ohio

Legal The legalization of sports betting in Ohio has taken another positive step forward. On December 8, the Ohio General Assembly approved the enabling legislation by voting to pass House Measure 29, and Governor Mark DeWine signed the bill into law soon thereafter. The beginning of the year 2023 will see the beginning of online sports betting in Ohio.

When almost all of your neighbors have something exciting to play with but you don’t, it’s only natural to want to join in on the action and take part in the excitement yourself. Residents of Ohio will no longer be forced to wait on the sidelines for very long.

Ohio online sports betting is now open for pre-registration. The promo will be available at launch day, Jan 1, 2023

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There are several methods to place sports bets online and at retail sportsbooks in Ohio. Here are some often-used sports betting terms:

  • Against The Spread: Football is a major sport in Ohio, so you should know how to bet against the spread. If Cincinnati is a 7.5-point favorite against Pittsburgh, they must win by eight points or more. Pittsburgh can cover if they win outright or lose by seven points or less.
  • Push: This occurs when none of the teams is able to cover the spread. If Cincinnati finishes as the favorites over Cleveland and then wins by a score of 27-24, neither team fills the spread and all bets are refunded.
  • Parlays: A parlay is a wager that includes two or more teams, making it a riskier but more profitable bet since both sides must win for the bet to be considered a winner. If you put $100 on a four-way parlay with odds of 11-1, you will gain $1,100 if all four sides win.

What are Parlays?

Parlay bets refer to a popular strategy for wagering on sports since it enables you to increase your bets for higher profits. You can choose to add the odds of three or additional events in order to make a parlay bet. If you win, you will receive a considerably greater payout than the basic singular game wagers.

Remember that your parlay must have all of its legs right or you will lose.

Your parlay wager might include two or additional moneyline wagers, point spreads wagers, totals bets, or prop bets. Typically, sportsbooks prohibit you from placing several bets on the same game, so you may choose a few other games and mix and match betting types if you choose.

It’s usual for many sports to be played on any given night, so you may not only combine various betting types, but you can also wager on different sports on the same ticket. You could gamble on the NFL, NBA, and NHL all at once, spreading your bets over many leagues.

Parlays are tempting to sports bettors because they allow you to gain significant money by betting on numerous games at once-you simply have to do your homework and make wise betting judgments since you can’t make a single error or your bet will not pay.

Think about the difference between betting on three different games one at a time and betting on them all together in a “parlay.”


  • The Patriots (-5.5 point spread, -110 odds). A $100 bet would return $90.91.
  • Avalanche (+105 moneyline odds)A $100 bet would result in a $105 reward.
  • The Celtics against the Raptors (225 total, under, with -120 odds) A $100 bet would return $83.33.

If you bet on all of these games, you’d earn a little more than $279.24.

If you bundled all three games into a $300 parlay, you’d be looking at a very different situation. If all of those events occur, you will get $1,852.52 in winnings plus your original wager, for a total payment of $2,152.52.

It’s remarkable what some sports bettors can win by properly predicting a few games. That’s just three games; imagine winning a 10-game parlay!

How to Work Out Parlay Odds in Ohio

Ohio online sports betting is now open for pre-registration. The promo will be available at launch day, Jan 1, 2023

Early sign up: $100 in free bets on launch day Bet now FanDuel Ohio review

When you put a single game bet, the chances for that particular game result will be shown. When you place a parlay wager, you are combining the chances and pooling them so that if you accurately anticipate all outcomes, you may expect a large payment. You may make two to twenty decisions and see if you can properly predict the result of all of them.

In the event of a push on your parlay ticket, you would not lose your bet, but your odds would be lower. Pushes are simply removed from your wager because you did not legally lose that bet. For example, if you had five legs on your parlay ticket and a moneyline soccer wager finished in a draw, the odds for that game would be taken from your ticket, and your odds would be reduced.

When all of your parlay choices are at regular odds of -110, the parlay will pay out according to the table below:

Parlay Payouts

When events that do not have standard odds are included in a parlay wager, the parlay will pay out based on “real odds,” where each selection is assigned a multiplier that is computed using the moneyline odds as follows:

  • (total amount at risk + amount won)/total amount at risk

The risk amount is either the amount you need to gamble to win $100 on a favorite (negative odds) or the amount you win by risking $100 on an underdog (positive odds).

What is the difference between a Correlated and a Same Game Parlay?

A correlated parlay consists of two or more bets that are inextricably connected together: If one event has a specific result, the chance of another occurrence either increases or decreases.

Same-game parlays are simply correlated parlays in which the correlations occur within the same game.

Sports betting correlations might be weak, robust, or somewhere in the middle. A loose, or weak, the connection may be the Kansas Chiefs winning their home opener against the Jets and Kansas quarterback Mahomes being named the league MVP. Whereas there is a substantial association between the Los Angeles Lakers covering the first half spread against the New York Knicks and then covering the whole game spread.

In general, sportsbooks do not allow gamblers to parlay connected events.

There are, however, exceptions. Online sportsbooks powered by Kambi, such as DraftKings Sportsbook, BetRivers, FanDuel, and others, offer parlays on linked wagers.

Why do sportsbooks like parlay betting?

Ohio online sports betting is now open for pre-registration. The promo will be available at launch day, Jan 1, 2023

Early sign up: $100 in free bets on launch day Bet now FanDuel Ohio review

Sportsbooks love to push parlay betting, particularly same-game parlays.

When sports betting becomes legal in Ohio, citizens will begin to see commercials for the service. This will include both traditional TV ads and pre-made parlay bets that are shown in a big way on the home pages of online bookmakers.

Parlays are very important to gambling organizations because they produce so much money.

Remember that parlay betting is far more difficult than straight-up betting. This is due to the fact that each leg of your parlay must hit in order for the bet to pay off.

For example, winning three or four bets at the same time is usually more difficult than winning just one.

Parlays may be a lot of fun to mix in with normal wagers for gamblers, but it’s crucial to know what you’re up against.

As legalized sports betting approaches, Ohio citizens will hear a lot about parlays. Maintaining responsible gaming behaviors can help to ensure that your gambling experience is both safe and enjoyable.

Licensed operators in Ohio

Here are some of the companies that have applied to operate in Ohio.


With a foothold in neighboring states and a desire to access as many markets as possible, a DraftKings Ohio app is a perfect fit for Ohio. It’s also a well-known brand, dating back to its days of daily fantasy sports. The interface is one of the easiest to use, and it has a live betting area and a lot of extra bets.


This is one of the industry’s leading brands, and it makes sense that it would want to keep the momentum rolling by venturing into another potentially lucrative area. The FanDuel app is visually appealing and functional, featuring features like as the famous single-game parlay. This type of bet is often supercharged with a FanDuel Ohio promo code.


This is likewise looking to expand aggressively, and with a racino in Northfield, an entry into Ohio seems to be a foregone conclusion. The company’s renowned brand name has helped it acquire a lot of momentum, but there’s also a lot to see behind the hood, such as a variety of betting markets and bonuses, bettors can use a special BetMGM Ohio bonus code to top up their accounts.

Caesars Sportsbook

This Sportsbook has agreed to be the official betting partner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The deal also calls for a betting lounge to be built inside Rocket FieldHouse.


While BetRivers may not have the national clout that other bookmakers have, it is nevertheless growing due to a strong offering. The interface is sleek and easy yet packed with functionality, and there’s a fantastic rewards scheme for bettors.

Hard Rock

A Hard Rock Casino is on its way to the old Jack Casino site in Cincinnati. The rebranding process has taken some time, but it may be completed shortly. Because of this, a Hard Rock Sportsbook Ohio promo code could be a sure thing.

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