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How to: Monday Night Football Odds

How to: Monday Night Football Odds

ESPN TV broadcasts the weekly Monday night National Football League (NFL) games, which provides some excellent Ohio sports betting options online as opposed to the classic Vegas odds. Since the Monday night games are all standalone, they are more popular than, for instance, a Sunday afternoon game. With sports betting legalized across so many states now (including Ohio as of 1 January 2023), bettors can take advantage of informed betting from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the many available online sportsbooks that keep posting the latest Monday Night Football (MNF) odds for bettors’ convenience. In learning about the various types of MNF odds, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at how you as a better/player should utilize these correctly to increase your chances of winning a tidy profit at your next betting session.

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What are the MNF bets for Ohio bettors?

We have listed some of the most popular MNF betting games, how they work and what you should do and/or not do to get that win! Read further to find out more.

Moneyline bets

This is generally the most straightforward type of sports bet. It is also the simplest way to bet on NFL. What matters in this type of betting is which team wins and which one loses. For example, an online sportsbook like Unibet might show a bet on the Detroit Lions vs. the Chicago Bears at +125. If you bet $100, you can win $125. On the other hand, you might have a better chance of winning if you go with the Monday Night Football line spread betting strategy explained below.

Spread bets

The points spread Monday Night Football strategy helps make the gap between a game’s favorite and the underdog more even. For example, let’s say the Philadelphia Eagles play host to the Miami Dolphins. In this case, you would be more inclined to bet on the Philadelphia Eagles, right? However, you can be sure that sports betting websites would want to even the odds between two unevenly matched teams by putting a point spread on the game and giving the Miami Dolphins more points. This is to create the most efficient spread for sportsbooks.

Monday Night Football over under

The Monday Night Football over under or point total bets represents the combined points of both teams that played. For instance, you can take the under if the DraftKings Ohio sportsbook has set a 47.5-point total for a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. Of course, this is if you would think that the teams can combine under 47.5 points. If you, however, believe the offenses will improve, rather bet on the over.

MNF player props

This betting strategy highlights a particular feature of a specific player’s performance. For instance, you may wager over or under on a quarterback’s passing yards, running yards, amount of touchdown passes, sacks and interceptions. You can also wager on how many TD passes a quarterback will complete. On Monday Night Football, you may see over/under prop odds on various players, including pass rushers, running backs, kickers and receivers.

MNF prop bets

Prop bets on MNF are actually unrelated to the outcome of the game. They propose certain props (propositions), and it is up to you as better to determine if it will materialize or not. You might wager ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether a game will include, for instance, a 2-point conversion try or safety. Another example might be a wager on the first team to score 10, 15 or 20 points, or you may make an educated guess as to which quarter would have the most points scored.

Monday Night Football odds live betting in OH

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With this type of betting, you can wager on any NFL game while the game is taking place. The legal way to MNF odds live betting is through authorized sportsbook apps. You can bet on your phone while in front of the TV. Watching the game while betting lets you determine if any bets interest you. Monday Remember, the spread line will shift in response to what is happening in the game. Therefore, you should be quick in putting the wagers on at the right time. There are several sportsbooks that compete for the best odds, combined with promos to use:

The MNF best bets in history

People have placed many MNF best bets on Monday Night Football. One of the outstanding performances is the Monday Night Miracle from 2000, when the New York Jets beat the Miami Dolphins by scoring 30 points in overtime to get the score to 40-37. The Los Angeles Rams set the new points record in 2018, beating the Kansas City Chiefs with a 54-51 score. In 2011, Tom Brady threw for 517 yards and got the New England Patriots to beat the Miami Dolphins by a 38-24 score.

How to place the MNF best bets

MNF betting is an activity that requires you to be studious, disciplined, and ready to invest a lot of time into researching your Monday Night Football odds. In the long run, being a winner requires considering several factors. If you’re not the best at planning, you might not win a quarter of what you expect. Also, aside from studying your Monday Night Football odds, you need to analyze the best MNF betting strategies you can implement. Before placing a bet, calculate your Monday Night Football odds according to

  • Coaching strategies
  • Player matchups
  • Weather forecasts
  • Game location
  • The week’s personnel changes for each team
  • Team records when playing a specific opponent
  • How the team plays both away and at home
  • Which team creates the most turnovers.

Understanding Monday Night Football odds and predictions

Several days before Monday Night Football, professional handicappers often reveal their predictions. They wait until both teams have finished their prior contests so that they may examine the most recent statistical data and see if there are any injuries. Most experts who provide their top wagers for Monday Night Football will concentrate on the point spread, but you may also often discover total choices, moneyline picks, and MNF player prop bets. As the game draws near, these MNF predictions might alter. For example, a handicapper may benefit from betting a different side against the spread if the line shifts. The best MNF betting experts’ recommendations may alter if news of an injury to a significant player emerges. Additionally, the top MNF prop bets usually become public a day or two before the game.

MNF best bets strategy

Use this betting method to put the finest wagers on MNF:

  1. Find the best odds on any bet you want to make by comparing the Monday Night Football odds.
  2. Claim as many bonuses as you can, but avoid using odds boosters if you aren’t sure about the bet being increased.
  3. Use the bonuses because the house advantage rises as you add more legs to a same-game parlay.
  4. Before making bets, do extensive research.
  5. Pay attention to more crucial statistics like yards allowed and accumulated per play, early-down pass success rate, turnover margin, pressure rate, and explosive play rate rather than pointless ones like the quarterback’s win-loss record, long-term head-to-head matches between teams, or penalties in a game.
  6. Look out for chances to underperform the public by placing wagers on underdog teams with inflated odds. Of course, arbitrage and hedging chances are essential, too.


We strongly advise registering with several authorized online sportsbooks in your state. As a result, you’ll be able to swiftly seize the top lines every Monday and take advantage of several promotions and bonuses. Sign up with a handful of the best MNF sportsbooks and be sure to make use of the betting strategies mentioned in this article.

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