March Madness: Ohio betting fans can finally bet on basketball

Finally, you’re able to not only see the betting lines for March Madness but also place bets if you’re in Ohio. With Ohio online sports betting becoming legal in the state, punters no longer have to travel out of state to wager on basketball, soccer, hockey, and more.

In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to bet on March Madness and what to keep in mind when choosing which team to back. Also, we’ll cover which types of bets you can place and how to find the best sportsbook in Ohio for betting on March Madness basketball.

What’s March Madness?

The NCAA’s premier college basketball, single-elimination tournament made up of 68 teams. It was first conceptualized by Ohio State University head coach, Harold Olsen back in 1939. Each team plays throughout the tournament to make it through three weekends of basketball games. Division I crowns the last team standing National Champions.

In this fiercely competitive tournament, only the “Sweet Sixteen” make it past the first weekend of games. Then those 16 teams aim to make it into the “Elite Eight”. On the third weekend, the Elite Eight play for the “Final Four” spot, and then the semi-final winners will play for the national championship.

March Madness has become one of the most anticipated sporting events. Young talent has the opportunity to showcase their athleticism. At the same time, punters can place bets on the teams and even individual players.

How to bet on March Madness in Ohio

The best sports betting apps Ohio are one of the most convenient ways of betting on fast-paced NCAA games. But, where do you start with placing bets? Well, you need to make sure that the online betting site is reputable and has convenient payment methods. But there are a few other important things you need to get done before you start reading March Madness betting lines.

  • Find a good sportsbook that’s licensed to operate in Ohio. This will ensure that they are regulated by the Ohio Casino Control Commission and that the law protects your bettor rights.
  • Make sure the sportsbook has NCAA and March Madness betting lines: Don’t take it for granted that the sportsbook you join has March Madness betting markets. Some might not have them because they don’t cover college sports, for example. At the same time, also check that the sportsbooks that do have March Madness betting lines also have favorable odds. This helps you maximize your winnings.
  • Study the teams and players that’ll play in the March Madness tournament: You should know the favorites to win and the players to watch. This will help you strategize your betting accordingly. Also, remember to keep an eye on potential upsets to bet on and make bigger profits.
  • Manage your bankroll for the duration of the tournament: You mustn’t get swept up by the excitement of the 4-week tournament and overspend. Plan your bankroll and make sure you stay within your limits to enjoy the whole experience fully.

Best Ohio sportsbooks list:

  • DraftKings
  • BetMGM
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • FanDuel
  • BetRivers

Best types of bets for Ohio March Madness betting

Since this is a long tournament, there are certain types of bets that you should consider. Some will give you big profits if you guess right because of how long the odds are. However, others will give you small wins because of how likely the outcomes are. Here are some of the bets you should consider for March Madness:

  • Outright winner: This is a bet on whom you think will win the NCAA championship. This bet has very long odds because it’s generally very hard to predict who’ll win a 4-week-long competition. But if you get it right, you’re likely to win big.
  • Moneyline bets: This is one of the simplest bets you can place on a basketball match. You simply need to predict one of two outcomes on the game, i.e., which team do you think will win? It’s the perfect type of bet for someone new to NCAA basketball betting. The sportsbook will indicate which team is the favorite to win, so you can place your bets accordingly.
  • Live bets: To add to the excitement of watching a basketball game, you can play bet during the game. Also called in-play bets, bettors can bet on specific events happening during the game. For example, who you think will score the next point, or what the score will be by the end of the third quarter.

Conclusion for March Madness betting in Ohio

So, if you’re in Ohio, you’ve got everything you need to start placing bets on the next March Madness tournament. It can be a lot of fun watching these NCAA basketball games and joining in the action when you place bets. Just remember to be responsible and join a registered sportsbook to adhere to the law.

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