How to use the Ohio Lottery

Since launching in 1973, the Ohio Lottery has offered a variety of lottery games, including local in-state games, fast scratch cards, and nationwide draws. As long as players purchase their tickets within the state, they can try their luck.

This How to guide focuses on giving information to Ohio Lottery players about how to play the Ohio Lottery, different types of games, locations for the lottery, and the Ohio Lottery app.

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How to play at Ohio Lottery

The Ohio Lottery’s games are just as simple to play as those offered by other lotteries. They mostly have in-store games that you may play because they are still working to integrate an iGaming system into their website and app.

For draw games, you need to pick a specific set of numbers from the options available. If your chosen numbers match with the numbers the Lottery Commission draws, you’ll win. On the other hand, for Jackpot games, the payout continues to increase with each correctly guessed number. However, to be eligible to participate in the Ohio lottery, you must be at least 18 years old.

Where to go for Ohio Lottery?

When it comes to purchasing lottery tickets, there are over 10,000 retailers available. However, you can only buy lottery tickets from specific retailers in Ohio. To help you locate your nearest retailer, the Ohio Lottery website offers a tool where you can find the nearest retailer to your location. Just submit the name of the retailer, the city, zip code, and county. Complete the form to define your search and submit. You will then be able to see all the retailers that sell the lottery tickets.

Some of the retailers that sell Lottery tickets include:

  • Service stations
  • Convenience stores
  • Truck rest stops
  • Liquor shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Grocers
  • Tobacco stores.

These establishments also accept a wide range of payment methods including e-wallets. You can increase your playing credit by as little as $10 or as much as $100.

However, once you’ve deposited money, you won’t be able to withdraw it from the terminal as all funds must be wagered before they can be withdrawn in cash.

Types of Lotteries

The two most well-liked lottery game categories in Ohio are scratchers and draw games. The primary distinction between the two games is that scratch cards are instant games with immediate payouts. Players must choose their numbers for draw games prior to the draw deadline.

Both larger regional games like Rolling Cash 5 and smaller national draw games like Powerball and Mega Millions are available to players in Ohio. Below we explain how different types of lotteries operate.

Ohio Keno

If we talk about faced-paced games, Keno is surely one of the best. Players can choose up to 10 numbers between 0 and 80 when playing keno. You need to have numbers that match the lottery’s 20 randomly drawn ones to win this game. Every dollar wagered multiplies the value of the prize by a factor of between one and ten, depending on the game. Before trying your hand at Keno, try to look up the most recent numbers that have been hot and cool online.

Mega Millions Ohio

The first multi-state draw game was Mega Millions, which has maintained its appeal over time. This is all thanks to the progressive jackpot.

Mega Millions progressive jackpot climbs up to $40 million with each draw until someone wins the jackpot. The Mega Millions has expanded to give enormous rewards over the year, with the highest single winner of any global lottery taking home a Mega Millions jackpot sum of more than $1.5 billion.

Pick five numbers between 1 and 70, then choose one Mega Ball number between 1 and 25 to begin the game. A bonus Megaplier ticket is an extra $1, and tickets are $2 each.

Powerball Ohio

Like Mega Millions, Powerball is one of the oldest national Lottery in the US. The ticket costs only $2 and there is a chance to win the jackpot prize that starts from $40 million.

Now we will explain how to play Powerball. The prize is yours if you match each of the numbers you’ve chosen with the drawn numbers. To win, you not only have to match the numbers but also the sequence. Like any other Lottery game, there is no sure way to become an Ohio Powerball winner.

Powerball Ohio has 8 different lower prize tiers. Then comes the jackpot that increases from $2 to $1,000,000. When the jackpot is below $150, you’ll also have a $1 multiplier available to you.

Pick 4 Ohio Lottery

The Ohio Lottery doesn’t limit its involvement in multi-state games to the draw-style action. It provides a number of titles based on its own illustrations. Ohio Picks are exclusive to the state of Ohio. These games include more frequent drawings and a wider selection of rewards on the menu.

Pick 4 game offers a wide range of gameplay options. The same days and times as Pick 3 are used for the drawings. You can place either a $0.50 or a $1 wager on each play in this game, which offers a $5,000 top prize. Pick 4 Ohio Lottery is one of the best lottery games in Ohio.

Lucky for life Ohio

This game is available in 25 states. Players have a choice whether they want to pick their own numbers or let the computer pick them You have to pick five numbers from a pool of one to forty-eight before choosing a Lucky Ball number between one and eighteen. This game offers ten different ways to win.

Winners of the jackpot receive $1,000 per day for the rest of their lives—at least for the next 20 years. The second-tier award, which provides $25,000 annually for the remainder of the winners’ lives, is a significant win.

Other unique Ohio Lottery games

In addition to the games stated above, Ohio also provides a selection of unique instant and draw games. Many of these distinctive games are EZ PLAY games, which are a sort of draw game played instantly. These games essentially have their own rules and are played using lottery terminals.

On EZ PLAY tickets, all the information required to win is clearly stated, so the game has an immediate aspect that keeps things interesting and entertaining. Some of them include pari-mutuel wagers-based progressive jackpots, while others are stand-alone, individual games with predetermined reward amounts.

Additionally, there are digital Touch and Win games that may be played in shops that have specialized Touch and Win Terminals. There are many different interactive games to pick from, each with its own aesthetically attractive visuals and gameplay mechanics. These games are similar to a cross between EZ PLAY and Keno games.

However, the Ohio online casino market is still prohibited.

Ohio Lottery app

There is also an official app for the Ohio lottery. You can use the app to purchase tickets for all significant draw games. Download the app and play your favorite games like Mega Millions, Powerball, and other fun games while on the move! The app also gives you access to the “My Lotto Rewards” Program’s numerous helpful features and a calendar for when drawings will take place. In addition, you can know the Ohio Lottery winning numbers through the app. The Mobile Cashing tool allows you to scan winning tickets between $50 and $5,000 to start the payout process. It is one of the more useful features of the app.

By the ends of the year, Ohio will have two types of gambling available. The Ohio sports betting market goes live, and the Ohio lottery market.

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