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How to bet on the NFL in Ohio

The NFL is the most popular event at US sportsbooks that are authorized and governed by laws. The most money is handled in professional football, with each game drawing a lot of interest and wagering activity. So how does it feel to wager on the NFL? Everything you need to know about the legal Ohio sports betting market is provided here.

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How To Bet On NFL Games In Ohio

Follow our quick and handy How To Bet On NFL Games In Ohio:

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Device Needed:

– A Computer Or Mobile

Internet Connection

– Yes

Guide To Bet On NFL In Ohio

Step 1

Find the best NFL Sportsbook in Ohio in the top list, and consider the odds, bonuses and feel of the sportsbook.

Best Ohio Sportsbooks
Step 2

Sign up with the sportsbook offering NFL betting in Ohio. Enter the information required to start your account, and use the promo code offered in the top list. The NFL Ohio promo code is automatically applied.

Football betting in Ohio
Step 3

Deposit funds into your account, and claim any bonuses tied to the NFL games available.

Banking options
Step 4

Read the NFL odds for the next game, and place your first bet on the NFL game!

Ohio odds
Step 5

Watch the game live and wait for the expected outcome! Now you have finished the steps on How to bet on NFL games in Ohio!

Start betting in Ohio

How to wager online on NFL games in Ohio

Ohio online sports betting is now open for pre-registration. The promo will be available at launch day, Jan 1, 2023

Early sign up: $100 in free bets on launch day Bet now FanDuel Ohio review

Mobile betting has rapidly increased in states where it is legal. And particularly for the upcoming Ohio sportsbook apps that are coming. Although there is plenty to be said for the in-person experience at brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, consumers have made it clear that the freedom to place bets whenever and wherever they choose is a major appeal. Here are some of the best sportsbook applications where you can legally wager on NFL online in Ohio.


In a number of legal states, the daily fantasy sports juggernaut has developed into one of the best sportsbooks. The industry generally has a high appreciation for the DraftKings Ohio app. Since the organization has succeeded in this area, live betting is one of the top attractions that NFL bettors should check out.


Another well-known name in sports betting, FanDuel Ohio, may trace its beginnings to DFS. The software is easy to use and attractive on the outside. The same-game parlay, which enables customers to mix several bets on the same event, is one of its most well-liked options for NFL betting.


MGM Resorts International and Entain Holdings collaborated to create BetMGM Ohio. The app has come a long way in the fiercely competitive regulated sports betting sector as it fights for market dominance. NFL bettors in Ohio will find all the bets they want and competitive odds on a betting site that is easy to use.


PointsBet Ohio has transformed from relative obscurity to a well-known destination for mobile gamblers in an increasing number of states since its introduction in the US in 2019. The company’s products reflect its attention to the betting experience. One of the best alternatives for the NFL is its PointsBetting function.


BetRivers is a Rush Street Interactive family member, a business with interests in online and land-based casinos. The incentive system of the app has helped it grow in popularity. This intuitive software has all you need to start betting on NFL games. BetRivers Ohio have applied for a license. However, if they are available for the Jan 1, 2023 Ohio sports betting launch, it remains to be seen.

Ohio NFL betting with bonuses

Ohio online sports betting is now open for pre-registration. The promo will be available at launch day, Jan 1, 2023

Early sign up: $100 in free bets on launch day Bet now FanDuel Ohio review

Welcome Offers

These welcome incentives are only accessible to new clients of the online service. They are often rewarded when a consumer establishes an account and claims the offer within a particular time frame after the account’s establishment. Because they may only be used once, welcome incentives are usually more substantial than other perks. After you’ve taken advantage of the deal, you should see whether the bookmaker offers anything additional to current clients.

Matched Deposits

The deposit match bonus is perhaps the most prevalent promotional offer. These benefits will be in the form of a ‘100% up to $500’ bonus. The percentage figure reflects how much the bookmaker is willing to provide new clients in relation to the amount of their initial deposit. The $500 is the maximum amount you may get while joining up with the operator. To get this type of bonus, you will need to make a minimum deposit, so make sure to read all of the rules carefully.

No deposit bonus

This is one of the most popular types of promotions on the market. A no deposit bonus entitles new clients to a certain amount of promotional money, which they can subsequently use inside the online bookmaker’s service. A no deposit bonus enables anybody who wants to register an account to try out the complete range of services offered by the online bookmaker. You may also be able to withdraw your winnings from these promotional funds, although this will be specified in the offer’s terms and conditions.

Bonus free bets

A bookmaker may provide a completely different package that includes free bets. This deal can be very different. For example, some bookmakers may require you to make a deposit before you can get your free bets or place them. Free bets enable you to gamble a certain amount on qualified sporting events. You will then be able to collect the bet’s profits, but you will very certainly be unable to withdraw the free bet amounts. The sum may be subject to a rollover obligation.

NFL bets that are popular in Ohio


A straight bet on the pointspread is the simplest kind of NFL wager. When placing a straight wager, the player’s chosen team is required to cover the pointspread. This signifies that the underdog will earn that many points if the favorite team loses by less than the predetermined margin. In most cases, odds of 11 to 10 are provided for pointspread wagers. This implies that for every $10 that the bettor wants to win, he must “lay” $11. Because of this, it is typical to wager in $11 increments when making a pointspread wager.

Although point spreads change, in sports betting the odds are “set” at the time the wager is made. The pointspread that was written on the ticket at the time of the bet may not match the odds on the wagering sheets or the game’s opening or closing pointspread.

The Money Line

A team may also be bet on to win the game without using a pointspread; the margin of victory is irrelevant in this case. The figure used to illustrate these odds is the money line, which is located at the far right. The favorite is the club whose odds have a negative sign (-) next to them. Every money line starts at $100. Instead of laying 3 points at -110, gamblers may wager on Philadelphia to win the game at -160. A $160 stake would earn $100 for a return of $260, while a $16 wager on Philadelphia would win $10 for a payback of $26. A $100 wager on Washington to win the game would earn $140 and return $240.

First half or Half Time Bet

A point spread or total for only the first or second half of a game may be bet on. Once a game approaches halftime, the score determines the first-half wager. For betting reasons, a halftime wager sets the game’s score at 0-0 at the end of the first half. For instance, if a player bets on the Green Bay Packers at -3 1/2 points in the second half with a score of 14-10 in favor of the San Francisco 49ers at halftime, the Packers will need to win by at least eight points to cover the spread. Any overtime periods that are played are also included in the halftime wagers.

Online NFL Wagers to use with odds in OH


A parlay is a wager that includes several teams. Parlays may also make use of totals. A parlay must result in victories for all participating teams. The player may parlay 2 to 10 teams in “off-the-board” parlays.

The parlay is lowered to the next lowest number of teams in the case of a wagering tie or “push” with the pointspread or total; for example, a 4-team parlay with one tie would become a 3-team parlay, etc. When there is a tie, a two-team parlay becomes a straight wager.

Parlay cards

Football season is when parlay cards become most popular since they provide players the chance to win big on modest stakes.

The players darken the circles on the stub that match the teams in their parlay, the number of teams they want, and the amount they want to bet.

The NFL season offers a variety of parlay card kinds, each with a distinct payment structure. The “1/2 point” card, which uses 12-point point spreads to prevent a wagering tie, is the most commonly utilized kind of parlay card.


A teaser allows the gambler to increase the underdog odds or decrease the odds of the favorite in several games. In the same teaser, basketball and NFL may be combined. The teaser is decreased to the next lowest number in the case of a wagering tie on any game (except for 10 and 14 point teasers); for example, a 4-team teaser with one tie would become a 3-team teaser, etc. A 2-team teaser is termed “No Action” in the event of a betting tie, and all bets are reimbursed. Note: Ties are lost in the 10 and 14 point teasers.

Offshore NFL gambling websites

Even while the legal sports betting market is expanding, it doesn’t follow that the illicit gambling business has fully disappeared. Illegal offshore betting sites are still accessible. These are websites that claim to operate in a legal gray area that protects them while operating outside of US law.

The offshore locations could resemble approved and governed possibilities, but they are not. All of the games have odds and lines available, along with the typical bet types. There may even be wagers and odds that are more alluring than those at licensed US sportsbooks in certain places. Props are one of the most prominent instances of this in action.

Prop betting is quite popular in the US, but offshore companies muddy the waters with their offers by allowing bets on things other than the playing field, such as the weather or a game’s entertainment value. In the US, states that allow gambling have severe laws that forbid this kind of wagering.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, things get more complicated since so many entertainment tie-ins are legal in the US, such as wagering on the coin toss or the national anthem. In addition, keep an eye on the NFL Draft. While there are many things you can bet on in the US, offshore sites could include choices that are forbidden there, including a prospect’s performance at the NFL Combine. You can check out this guide for how to bet on Super Bowl in Ohio.

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