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How to bet on the MLS in Ohio

As one of the most exciting soccer leagues worldwide, Major League Soccer (MLS) has seen enormous growth in popularity. In fact, now MLS is also known as North America’s version of the English Premier League. For bettors in Ohio, this is a quality choice because its regular season can be played throughout the year. Thus, one will have MLS markets all year round. Here, each team plays 34 matches in a regular season before the playoffs. Besides, there are the 14 top-tier Canadian and American clubs competing for the MLS Cup, normally decided in early November.

But, because of Covid-19 pandemic, MLS had to adjust and pivot its season with the MLS is Back Tournament that ran from July 8 to August 11 in Orlando, Florida. And with the situation slowly turning into a new normal, the tournament is now becoming famous and bets on it are ever on the increase.

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In the guide below, we’ll show you how to place bets on MLS in Ohio, its bet types, Ohio MLS odds, and the best strategies and predictions for MLS betting. Remember, this is an expert guide that will help you start your MLS betting in the best way possible. So, read with us to the end as we unveil every part of the article in detail for the Ohio sports betting market.

The best Ohio MLS betting odds

Even though MLS positions are seen as being weaker than those in European Leagues, the top soccer players from across the world continue to join the league. Its popularity is ever-growing, meaning that betting sites offering the Ohio MLS betting odds are also increasing.

Whenever you visit an online sports betting site in Ohio, you’ll see odds with this format.

MLS Club MoneyLine

FC Cincinnati -125

Columbus Crew +230

Here, the soccer club with the minus (-) sign before its odds is the favorite (FC Cincinnati), while the other one with the plus sign before the odds (Columbus Crew) is the underdog. This means that many people think that FC Cinicinnati is going to win the match. And the odds are in the American-style format. But, you can also choose to use the Decimal like (1.8), or Fractional type like (4/5), like for UK bettors.

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How to bet on MLS in Ohio

With the odds discussed above, you can easily make an MLS moneyline bet in Ohio. Note that a moneyline wager is a prediction of the match winner only. But, an MLS match has a third possibility of a draw and this is represented by the third line (Draw). Let’s have a look at the match above but now with the third line.

MLS Club Moneyline

FC Cincinnati -125

Columbus Crew +230

DRAW +260

The odds with the negative sign in front outline the amount you need to wager to win $100. And the odds with the plus sign before them show the amount of money you’ll win in total if you bet with $100. For our case, if you place $125 for FC Cincinnati, then your total payout will be $225. Then if you choose to draw or Columbus Crew and place $100, you’ll win $230 or $260 respectively. Remember, bets on underdogs are riskier but pay handsomely but because there’s less risk of the favorites winning, their bets don’t pay well.

Types of MLS bets to use in Ohio

Now that you know how to read the Ohio MLS bets, there are more bet types that you can choose from besides the most straightforward moneylines. And this is very clear because many things happen in any MLS match, either related or non-related to the final match outcome. For example, the number of distributed yellow cards, if certain players score, the scores per game and team, variation of players, among other occurrences. And betting sites lets you make such prediction and give you attractive odds.

Below are the types of bets for MLS in Ohio.

Future MLS bets

This is a type of bet that allows you to predict something that will happen in the long-term future of the MLS league. For example, you can choose a team that you are comfortable with to win the MLS Cup. Here, the team you choose must win the cup for your bet to win. Fortunately, you can place the bet type at the beginning of the season or as the season progresses. But, the odds are much higher at the beginning of the season.


Also called a betting accumulator, a parlay bet is a bet type that combines multiple straight wagers on a single betting slip. Here, you can choose as many MLS matches to include in the bet as you can and the types of bet for each pick are not limited. But the common wagers for the bet type are totals, spreads, and moneylines. Besides, other bookies may allow you to choose different bet types as individual bets to build the odds on a single match, a type of parlay called a same-game parlay.

Live betting

Just as the name suggests, live betting or in-play betting happens when a wager on an MLS match (or matches) is placed as things unfold in real-time. This is a very exciting betting experience that allows you to first analyze the matches on your own as they happen. Then you can place wagers on the MLS matches based on your judgment of how things are unfolding.


These are bets on occurrences that happen in an MLS match and do not necessarily affect the final result of the match. For example, how many yellow/red cards will be handed out, will player X score a goal, will there be a shutout, or will the number of corner kicks.

Point spread

This is a prediction of the margin of victory. To balance a match in which one team is stronger than the other, oddsmakers give the underdogs an advantage before the match kicks off. 

Totals bet on MLS

Also known as the OVER/UNDER bet, the totals bet is the prediction of the total number of scores by both MLS teams combined. The oddsmaker sets certain limits of scores from which players choose. Then the bets only win if the scores are within the limits that players predict.

Finding the Ohio MLS sportsbook

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Getting a suitable Ohio MLS sportsbook anywhere in the state is a painstaking process. Many Ohio MLS bookies are in the market and even though many of them are legit and licensed, some are off-shore betting sites there to con you. So, one should do thorough research before settling for one. Some features to look out for include licensing, security, payment methods on offer, bonuses, markets, mobile apps, and customer service. But, our experts are always on the search for the most suitable MLS Ohio betting sites. And here are their latest picks.

How to sign up for the Ohio MLS sportsbooks

After finding your best Ohio MLS bookie, it’s time to register an account and try MLS betting in Ohio! Luckily, signing up for any of the leading bookies is very easy. You only need to provide accurate personal and account details, and you can start betting as soon as possible.

Below is the stepwise guide on how to sign-up for an account with Ohio MLS sportsbooks.

  1. Visit the sportsbooks’ official site or install its mobile betting app and launch.
  2. Click the ‘Sign Up’ ‘Register’, or ‘Join Us’ button to begin the registration process. This is mostly located on the top-right side of the bookie’s home page, next to the ‘Login’ or ‘Sign in’ button.
  3. Enter your account and personal details.
  4. Verify your details including location and read the site’s terms and conditions. If your details are correct, the sports book will accept your application and allocate you an account.
  5. Log in to your account and make your first deposit.
  6. Go to the home page, identify MLS section on the major sports section, and start betting.

Strategies and tips for MLS betting in Ohio

To be a great bettor, you need to have a betting strategy because MLS betting needs more than the betting knowledge. For you to get the most out of it, you should accord as much attention as you’d give any other sport, especially on getting daily value. Here are other things you should review before placing an MLS bet.

  • Analyze the odds and bet accordingly to maximize your profits
  • Home teams have a distinct advantage in the MLS
  • Do research on clubs/matchups to identify a team in good form
  • Check media coverage daily to get updates on injuries
  • Note that you are only betting on the result after the regular time
  • Compare Eastern Conference teams with Western Conference teams.

Ohio MLS betting FAQs

Can I bet on MLS on mobile in Ohio?

Yes, MLS is one of the many professional leagues that allow you to bet on it via a smartphone. Besides, sports books may provide Android and iOS apps for such bets in OH.

What are Ohio MLS popular bets?

Totals, handicap betting, goal scorers, correct scores, futures, and moneylines are the MLS’ most popular bet types.

Can I wager on MLS in OH?

Yes, you can wager on MLS anywhere in the United States and Ohio. And one of the most straightforward bets is the moneyline bet.

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