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How to bet on the MLB in Ohio

MLB has begun developing its gambling and sports betting partnerships with local revenues in Ohio! No matter where you are in OH, there are lots of opportunities for getting into betting on Major League Baseball. In this handy guide we’ll take you through finding the right sportsbook that also offers MLB betting in Ohio. In addition, we will explain any bonuses that MLB sportsbooks might have and how to sign up to them. We’ll help explain the difficult process of understanding MLB’s odds, and finally explain how you collect your Ohio MLB betting bonuses!

Major League Baseball is America’s Pastime and a significant member of the big 4 sports in the country. No matter where you are you will have a baseball team near you. Since the beginning of 2022 MLB has begun partnering and working with Ohio sports betting sites to create an engaging and competitive betting scene. Why not take the opportunity to read through this guide? Soon you’ll be getting into baseball sports betting as much as you may already for football or basketball.

Finding the MLB sportsbook in Ohio that offers the sport:

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In order to begin betting on the MLB in Ohio though you need to find a MLB sportsbook that will offer it. There are a number of nation-wide sportsbooks for baseball, in this guide we will be focusing on BetMGM, Caesars, BetRivers, DraftKings and FanDuel. We’ll go through each, and describe what platforms they offer, as well as how to use them. Let’s get into the MLB sportsbooks!


This Sportsbook offers you an online platform through which you can gamble on MLB games. The BetMGM Ohio app is available on Google Play, the App Store, as well as being possible to use on your desktop, PC or tablet. Additionally, this MLB sportsbook is at the forefront of the legal expansion of gambling. As more states legalize sports betting be sure to be following the expansion of BetMGM as they may be in your state soon.

BetMGM is the gambling spin-off of the wider MGM brand, a major resorts and casinos company. As a result MGM has a long history of reliable gambling and betting, particularly in their casinos in Las Vegas. BetMGM is looking to break into the mobile gambling and iGaming space. They want people nationwide to use their platform with their phones to bet on their favorite sports teams or people.

Caesars Sportsbook:

A long time leader of the casino world, Caesars Ohio has recently begun to branch out into the MLB betting industry. Caesars is also looking to expand, though more slowly than BetMGM, however if you want the in-person experience, Caesar’s team partnerships are for you.


BetRivers Ohio is a great option to get into gambling on baseball. BetRivers are a Chicago-based gaming company that is looking to expand across the nation in the sportsbook market. They can offer you a fairly simple to use online platform, as well as a growing team partnership program. Already they have teamed up with the NFL’s Chicago Bears, and have begun exploring partnerships with the Philadelphia Phillies.


This sportsbook has become the most popular among younger new gamblers. It has searched the strongest to gain strong inroads into the existing sport fanbases. As a result, DraftKings Ohio offer some of the best baseball sportsbooks for fans and avid baseball watchers.


Looking to compete with DraftKings in being the sports fan’s sportsbook of choice, FanDuel Ohio is a great option. The New York based brand offers sportsbooks to residents. FanDuel is also constantly looking to grow their coverage of the nation. They have an easy-to-use app and online platform which lets you access with your phone, PC, desktop or tablet. FanDuel is a very good sportsbook for various kinds of bets and for those looking to gamble while watching games.

Do the MLB sportsbooks offer any bonuses in Ohio?

Our listed MLB sportsbooks in Ohio offer a number of sportsbook promo codes. All of them offer some really powerful new sign-up bonuses in particular. FanDuel offers a $1000 free bet system to new users, wherein up to 1000 dollars of your first bets will be matched with a free bet! DraftKings also offers a $500 free deposit to any new users to their service. BetRivers gives you an up to $250 deposit match when you first sign up and Caesars will give you a massive $1500 free bet when you use the promo code! BetMGM also offers a sign-up bonus of a risk free bet worth up to $600. All these sportsbooks therefore offer some fantastic sign up bonus options, but each also offer other bonuses and promotions.

FanDuel will offer you as much as a $100 free bet if you can refer someone to their service. They also offer a baseball exclusive bonus called the ThursK parlay, where your bet will pay out for every strikeout in a given game. DraftKings offer a daily free to play pool, in which users can compete with other users and win prizes for ranking highly. BetRivers offers a Home Run insurance promo where if you bet more than $25 on a player to hit a home run. If they don’t homer but still record a hit you can get a $10 free bet. Caesars offers a MLB parlay promo where if all but one part of your parlay hits you can earn a free bet. BetMGM protects bets up to $20 on first inning-no run games, and gives you $50 cash for referring a friend!

Ohio online sports betting is now open for pre-registration. The promo will be available at launch day, Jan 1, 2023

Early sign up: $100 in free bets on launch day Bet now FanDuel Ohio review

How the sign-up process works with MLB sportsbooks in OH:

The sign-up process for each of these Ohio MLB sportsbooks is fairly self-explanatory and simple. In each case you will need to go to the sportsbook website, and navigate to the relevant section for your state. If you are in a state that is not offered by that sportsbook unfortunately you will not be able to sign-up with them. After putting in your personal details and card details into the sign-up sheet, you simply need to click to confirm. If you are joining the Caesars sportsbook make sure to put in the code in their code box to get their free $1500 new sign-up bonus. After that you will be all set up and able to login again through their website or on their apps.

Reading the odds for the MLB in Ohio

Money and Run-Lines:

Baseball can be a complicated sport to understand the odds for. There are often a varied number of kinds of bets you can place. The most basic bet you can make is the moneyline. Unlike football or basketball where you gamble on the point spread, the moneyline is simply choosing a winner. The favourite will be given a negative odd, i.e., -200, which means a bettor would need to bet $200 to win $100. Underdogs have a positive odd, i.e., +150, which means a bet of $100 will win you $150. For people looking to make a small bet, you only need to drop the zeros, and you can see what a $10 bet would win.

Another method of betting on baseball in Ohio though is the runline, which is more similar to a point spread. A runline gives an estimation of how much a team will win by. Therefore, if you bet on the team that had a -200 money line with a 1.5 run line, you can get extra winnings if they win by 2 or more runs. Same with the Underdog, if they have a +150 moneyline, and a 1.5 runline, should they lose but only by 1 run, you’ll still turn your $100 profit.

Over/Under and Specific Bets:

There are also simple Over/Under bets. These predict how many runs will be scored in the game overall. For example, betting over on an 8.5 Over/Under bet will pay you out if the two teams combine to score 9 or more runs. The “Vig” (amount you need to bet to win $100) will most often be -110, but can be as low as even and high as -130.

You can also bet on things to happen in the game during specific inning. Even to specific batters or pitchers. Most of these are often part of parlays or small in game bets, and so the odds are much smaller. Almost all of them though will use the same “-“/”+” vig line to determine what you get back.

Collecting the Ohio MLB betting bonuses:

Most of the Ohio MLB bonuses we have shown are collected by signing up. The Caesars sign up code does need the promo code. Other bonuses require you to sign friends up, which will need your friends to give your name on sign up. Additionally, bonuses to specific bets need to be selected in app. Otherwise, you are good to go and ready to start betting on MLB games in Ohio.

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