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How to bet on Super Bowl in Ohio

The Super Bowl betting season has begun. Following a chaotic offseason, the revelation of the timetable, and now the start of the preseason, enthusiastic football fans are delving into the sequence lines and NFL predictions, including the chances to win Super Bowl 57.

The Buffalo Bills have broken away from the competition and are the ultimate favorites in the Super Bowl XLVII lines, slightly ahead of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who stepped back up the ladder following Tom Brady’s comeback from a flash retirement.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the only club whose Super Bowl chances have fluctuated. The Chiefs debuted as leading contenders at +650, climbed to +700 co-favorites with Buffalo, dipped to +1,000 after dealing away standout WR Tyreek Hill, and have gradually crept to become the third aggregate favorite to take the Lombardi award this season.

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Steps for how to bet on Super Bowl in Ohio

So, how do I bet on the Super Bowl in Ohio? Check out the seven easy steps for how to bet on Super Bowl in Ohio:

Total Time Needed :



Total Cost:



Required Tools:

– A Computer.
– A Mobile Phone.

Things Needed:

– Internet Connection.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Find out which Ohio sportsbooks offer the best lines and welcome bonuses by researching your options. Consider the lines, bonuses, and the feel of the sportsbook in the top list

Best Ohio sportsbooks
Step 2

Install the sportsbook’s mobile application. After the initial sign-up, download the app of the sportsbooks

Ohio Sportsbook apps
Step 3

Make the initial deposit. Add funds to your newly created account.

Banking options
Step 4

Browse to the page that lists the chances for each of the 32 teams to win Super Bowl 57 in order to place a futures wager on the game.

Ohio betting odds
Step 5

Select the team you want to bet on by clicking on it. After clicking on you preferred NFL team to win the Super Bowl collect a promo or special bonus for that game.

Ohio sportsbook promo codes
Step 6

Put your desired wager amount in the relevant area on the betting slip that appears, then click “place bet.” Now you are set!

Ohio sports betting: need to know

How to bet on Super Bowl in Ohio using legal sportsbooks

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Super Bowl wagering at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook may be a special occasion. However, it’s also challenging to match the efficiency of betting online or through an app. There are several sportsbooks to explore on various fronts.

FanDuel Sportsbook

The FanDuel platform has made a name for itself by being both aesthetically attractive and user-friendly. All the key features operate as intended, and navigation is simple. Competitive odds and parlay features are distinguishing qualities.

DraftKings Sportsbook

High praise for DraftKings’ platform has never wavered. It is loaded with features and is simple to use. NFL punters may get a comprehensive list of the props that are presently available for the big game as well as a wagering platform once it begins.

BetMGM Sportsbook

In addition to its illustrious locations, the MGM brand is becoming to become more popular. BetMGM has been expanding quickly and has a strong web and mobile portfolio. Punters on the Super Bowl will discover a wide selection of wagers and props.

BetRivers Sportsbook

Another user-friendly platform with a beautiful appearance is this one. In several states, gamblers now frequently visit the BetRivers site. Loyalty has been boosted by a fantastic rewards program, and other highlights include a clear description of the wagers that are accessible and easy to bet.

PointsBet Sportsbook

This site has been in the news ever since it made its US debut in January 2019. The company’s market reach has greatly increased. A terrific interface and consideration of the odds have undoubtedly been beneficial. Bettors on the NFL love the PointsBetting option.


Cleveland Browns

Among the most important NFL topics, this season is Cleveland’s trade signing of quarterback Deshaun Watson, and that drama will persist. The Browns have a strong roster of players, and if Watson is allowed to run the offense (assuming he isn’t given a lengthy ban), they may develop a reputation for going all the way in the postseason.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati was the season’s biggest surprise, going from being one of the league’s poorest teams to the Super Bowl runner-up. Joe Burrow at QB and Ja’Marr Chase at the defensive back give the Bengals the beginnings of a high-flying offense. Other teams have had trouble gaining momentum after making it to the Super Bowl but losing.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When Tom Brady announced his retirement decision, it seemed as though the Buccaneers were in some peril. He has recently had a shift of perspective and will play again at age 45. In 2022, Brady’s arsenal will be a little different, yet he still got No. 1 receiver Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, who is very competent and successful. Godwin might not always find his rhythm until the second half of the season because he is still healing from an ACL tear that he sustained at the end of the 2021 season.

Kansas City Chiefs

To fill the vacuum left behind by the trade of Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes, and the Kansas City Chiefs have a challenging challenge on their hands. It might require the Chiefs considerable time to fully understand how to use their new artillery and how to replicate a number of things Hill was capable of doing on the field. Nevertheless, it would be naïve to write off the Chiefs with Mahomes at the helm and Andy Reid pacing the sidelines.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers’ hopes for 2022 are in doubt given the loss of star quarterback Davante Adams and the absence of pass rusher Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Don’t discount the potential that head coach Matt LaFleur decides to rely on a potent running attack rather than putting targets in the hands of inexperienced wideouts.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills lost to the Kansas City Chiefs once more in the playoffs, yet they are many bookies’ favorite to win this season. Josh Allen is a multifaceted weapon who can lead an effective offensive attack with both his arms and legs.

Best Super Bowl bets in Ohio

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There are essentially infinite ways to gamble on the Super Bowl, including betting on the actual game, in-game wagering, and all the player and team props. No other sporting event offers as many betting opportunities as the Super Bowl, notably when it comes to Super Bowl gambling online.

Spread Betting

Despite the razor-sharp Super Bowl point spread, Ohio’s top sportsbooks still have differences that NFL fans can identify. The Super Bowl betting odds from BetOnline, which provides Ohio with the best Super Bowl point spread, are discussed below.


Simply said, you are picking one team to win over the other, no points spread involved. Even while it seems much simpler, keep in mind that the odds are biased in favor of the favorite, thus there is a bigger risk when placing a bet on the side that is expected to win.


This wagering is among the most common and simplest to execute bets. It entails placing a wager on the overall amount of points scored in the match using a figure set by the sportsbooks. Based on a specific game stat, they select a value.

Prop bets

In recent years, interest in Super Bowl prop bets has skyrocketed. Although most gamblers prefer to place spread wagers, Super Bowl prop bets have developed a life of their own. They are fantastic if you wish to have some excitement and are full of strange and amazing markets.

How to read Ohio Super Bowl odds

Bookmakers typically issue NFL futures odds immediately after the confetti starts to fly to signal the conclusion of the prior football season. There are various methods to place a wager on NFL futures, but predicting the Super Bowl champion outright is undoubtedly the most well-liked option. Given the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming season, you can generally get solid plus-money pricing on any NFL club throughout the preseason and off-season.

Typically, the Super Bowl Futures odds will appear like this:

The Cincinnati Bengals (+180)

Accordingly, if Joe Burrow wins in his second season, you have a chance to win $180 on a $100 wager. The odds for San Francisco will have a minus sign (-) in front of it because it is the underdog.

Browns -300.

Accordingly, if you placed a wager on the Browns at that price, you would be required to wager $300 in order to win $100 if the other team won the big game.

Futures odds are a fluid market, of course. Daily changes may occur depending on the events, injuries, trades, etc. And they will undoubtedly alter in response to significant NFL events like the offseason and the draft. For instance, any of the best teams in the NFL would undoubtedly fall down the futures odds chart if their starting quarterback suffered a severe injury.

These odds are all displayed in American format. Simply convert the odds that used our straightforward odds conversion tool if you feel that reading them in decimal or fractional form is more convenient.

Ohio Super Bowl betting history

Before the Supreme Court’s decision in May 2018, Nevada remained the only state where it was permissible to wager on the Super Bowl in the US. The various bookmakers would go all-out for the celebrations because Las Vegas was a very favorite venue around the time the game took place. Although it is still that way now, the surroundings have drastically changed.

Since more and more states have legalized sports betting, Sin City no longer controls the competition from a betting standpoint. The Super Bowl can currently be legally and safely bet on in a select number of jurisdictions, and numerous others will soon be able to do the same.

It is hardly surprising that sportsbooks in jurisdictions where gambling is allowed are doing exceptionally well. It’s crucial to keep in mind that less than half of the US presently has legal access to sports betting, so it will be exciting to see what develops when more states legalize sports betting.

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